Informal STEM PLC to Serve Black Girls (SDSE)

2023 Research Questions
1. In what ways do practitioners of informal STEM learning propose the design of a Professional Learning Community to help them more positively affect the educational experiences of Black girls?
2. In dialogues about research-based supports for Black girls, how do practitioners of informal STEM learning make sense of empirical research as they consider race, gender, and class in their own work?
  • Enrollment
  • Consent Form
  • Participant Questionnaire
  • Schedule Your 40-minute Interview
  • 1. Big ideas about underrepresentation of Black Girls in STEM
  • Self-Study on Black Girls and your organization
  • Read 1 article and leave 2 comments
  • 1. Other People’s Daughters Critical Race Feminism Black Girls Education.pdf
  • 1. You Would Not Believe What I Have to Go Through to Prove
  • 1. COMPUGIRLS Standpoint Culturally Responsive Computing and Its Effect
  • 1. I don't think it's science African American girls and the figured world
  • Leave at least 2 thoughts or questions.
  • Focus Group: Underrepresentation of Black Girls in STEM
  • Reflection
  • 2. Empower Black Girls’ STEM Identity 30d
  • 3. Collaboration and Professional Learning Communities 60d
  • Exit Ticket
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever